Communication and Training

Airbus Group employees’ support in bringing the Standards of Business Conduct to life is vital. That is why communication and training activities are critical components.

Airbus Group implements its own communication and training strategy concerning Ethics and Compliance. Surveys enable us to assess our achievement in this area. For example:

  • In 2011, 96% of the Group employees felt responsible for ensuring that the company behaves ethically.
  • In 2011, over 39,000 Group employees participated in a training session about Ethics and Compliance matters.

Employee awareness

Airbus Group acknowledges that the Standards of Business Conduct cannot address every challenging situation that may arise. To create a strong ‘speak up’ culture, the company encourages employees, through communication campaigns, to raise questions and concerns, helping them to identify the appropriate experts to consult and to make the right decisions. E-learning modules have also been developed at corporate level to raise employees’ awareness of the Standards of Business Conduct.

Targeted populations

Specific populations, e.g. Mergers & Acquisitions, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Controlling, Procurement, Airbus Group programmes and Human Resources, receive periodic and specific training courses conducted by the compliance specialists in these areas. These include experts for export compliance, business international compliance, procurement compliance and data protection compliance.

Focus on management

Empowerment of Airbus Group managers in the promotion of Ethics and Compliance is critical to the success of such a programme. Furthermore, the relationship of trust between Airbus Group's employees and managers is the cornerstone of a successful ‘speak up’ culture. This is why, as part of our internal management development programmes, in 2013, Airbus Group aims at raising all managers’ awareness on the benefits of ethical and compliant behaviours. In addition, they have Ethics & Compliance annual objectives that cover training needs and communication requirements to their teams.