Airbus has developed a lean culture and all lean business activities are now coordinated at a global level by the Lean Centre of Competence - established to plan, manage and implement the Airbus lean strategy throughout the organisation. Lean experts therefore define, implement, drive and measure efficiency, performance improvement through lean methodology, in cooperation with management and employees. They foster the lean culture and change.

Typical projects could either be in manufacturing, quality, engineering, procurement, IT or HR.

Supply chain quality field engineers have the the overall objective of increasing supply chain efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction both internally and externally through continuous improvement plans. They implement corrective / improvement / development missions using a variety of Airbus standardized tools and techniques based on lean / Six-Sigma principles.

Current positions exist mainly in Airbus for lean trainers, lean experts and supply chain quality field engineers in all four core countries.


Eduardo Dominguez, Head of lean management (at the time of shooting)

Lean management

Division: Airbus