EADS and Germany: Partners in pushing the frontiers of innovation.

10 June 2010

Germany will continue to play a key contributory role in the research and technology activities of EADS as the company works with governments, agencies and research organisations at federal and regional levels to advance its capabilities in innovation.

Detlef Müller-Wiesner, EADS Chief Operating Officer - Innovation, said the German federal government’s recent commitment to maintain funding for its Ministry of Research and Education was an important decision.


Detlef Müller-Wiesner highlights the biofuel exhibit on EADS Innovation Works’ Berlin Air Show exhibit stand.

“A key element for the development of any country’s economy and society is innovation, and I am pleased that the budget for research, technology and innovation in Germany will be maintained at a time when government funding cuts are the topic of the day,” Müller-Wiesner said in an interview at the 2010 Berlin Air Show. “We are committed to providing the best value to Germany from its support of EADS and the rest of the aerospace industry.”

In addition to EADS’ close contacts and coordination at the federal level, the company also is highly active with Länder (states) throughout the nation. Examples include the Composite Technology Centre at Stade, which is supported by Lower Saxony. This facility brings together EADS Innovation Works, Airbus, the DLR German Aerospace Centre, Fraunhofer Society and industry suppliers for development, benchmarking and validation of technologies and procedures that can be used in more efficient composite production applications.

A similar research facility is located in the south of Germany at Augsburg near the production plant of Premium AEROTEC. This is a site of cooperation of industry – including EADS Innovation Works – with the Fraunhofer Society and the German Aerospace Centre.

Another example of EADS’ relationship with German Länder has made headline news at this week’s Berlin Air Show with the flight of a general aviation aircraft operating on pure algae biofuel. This world premiere, which uses a Diamond Aircraft DA42 airplane, is the result of a project led by EADS Innovation Works, and supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics, Transportation and Technology through the government of Upper Bavaria.