Day 1 report from the Berlin Air Show

EADS focuses on the business model for biofuel use in aviation.

8 June 2010

Having demonstrated the feasibility of using algae-based biofuel as an alternative to oil-derived fuels, the EADS Chief Technical Office is now focused on developing a viable business model to move its use into reality within the aviation industry.

EADS Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti said working groups involving EADS representatives and members of the algae biofuel “value chain” have been created in France and Germany, with the goal of defining by year-end how a biofuel product portfolio can be established.


Jean Botti at the 2010 Berlin Air Show: “I am sure that if we do it right, a real industry can be created.”

 “We know that biofuel will work for aviation, and we’re showing it here at the Berlin Air Show with an aircraft that is flying on pure biofuel made from algae – a world’s first from EADS,” he explained. “EADS is now organising the next steps with the people who are the experts in biotechnology, and I am sure that if we do it right, a real industry can be created.”

Botti said the entire “value chain” needs to be involved in developing a biofuel business model, from its cultivators and refiners to the designers of airplanes and propulsion systems, as well as the end-user airlines and other aircraft operators.

“If we do it right, we’ll create a real industry that reduces aviation’s impact on the environment, establishes a new infrastructure and opens up new job opportunities,” he added. “All of this involves collaboration, which is why I am trying to move everyone in the same direction.”