The EADS Hall of Fame receives its latest great inventor, innovator, craftsmen and system engineering inductees

9 February 2012

Innovation and creativity at EADS were spotlighted tonight with the induction of new members into the company’s Hall of Fame at a festive event organised by the Corporate Technical Office.

Held at the museum of Dornier – an EADS legacy company – the gala evening in Friedrichshafen, Germany recognised employees in the categories of Great Inventor, Great Innovator, Great Craftsmen and Best Systems Engineering Team. Attending the event were top managers and employees from throughout EADS, representing its company headquarters; the Airbus, Astrium, Cassidian and Eurocopter divisions; as well as EADS Innovation Works.

The prizes resulted from a company-wide process that is conducted every two years, with inductees’ names and portraits permanently displayed in galleries at EADS headquarters buildings in Paris and Suresnes, France, and Ottobrunn, Germany.

“This year was a record, as more than 70 amazing candidates and teams were selected as finalists from all EADS operations,” said Jean Botti, the EADS Chief Technical Officer.

Named as the Great Inventor was Dr. Gerhard Müller, a sensor physics senior expert in EADS Innovation Works – the company’s research and technology organisation, which is part of the Corporate Technical Office. Nominees for Great Inventor are recognised for the number of high-quality patented inventions based on patent registrations or invention disclosures.


Dr. Gerhard Müller (at left), accepts his award as the newest Great Inventor for EADS’ Hall of Fame. Joining him on stage are Airbus President and CEO Tom Enders, EADS Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti and EADS CEO Louis Gallois.

Müller is in EADS Innovation Works’ Technical Capability Centre 4 (Sensors, Electronics & Systems Integration), and among his most notable inventions is a miniaturised optical sensor system that allows key parameters of hydraulic fluids to be measured without tapping fluid from an aircraft’s hydraulic system – a key enabling component for a new Airbus maintenance concept.

Other Müller inventions include a handheld aspirator device that enables trace explosive particle residue to be collected from suspicious objects, which supports the build-up of a security product line at the EADS Cassidian defence division. Also in his invention portfolio is an apparatus and method for acquiring and detecting trace gas samples – for which Müller solved issues concerning sensitivity, selectivity, stability and speed of response by using principles of animal olfaction.

Two Great Craftsmen were inducted into the Hall of Fame at tonight’s event: Astrium’s François Baras and José Bello Ibañez of Airbus Military, while the employees who led Eurocopter’s development of the X3 hybrid helicopter demonstrator testbed were inducted as Great Inventors. Receiving a special prize for the Best Systems Engineering Team was a group of employees involved in Astrium’s M51 programme.

In paying tribute to the Hall of Fame winners and the finalists, EADS CEO Louis Gallois called innovation “the heartbeat of EADS,” and noted the company is home to some of the most talented and skilled scientists, researchers and craftsmen in the world.

“I am very proud of this fact, as they enable us to remain at the forefront of aerospace and develop groundbreaking new technologies,” Gallois added. “As we build game-changing systems and products for the world, it is of strategic importance for us to foster the spirit of innovation and create a mindset of innovation within our company.”