01 June 2011

EADS is widening its technology cooperation with Canadian institutes and laboratories as part of a long-term strategy to further develop the company’s industrial and business presence in the country.

Since Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti signed an agreement with the National Research Council in June in 2008, EADS has established collaborative technology projects in Canada on topics that are focused primarily on manufacturing processes with both composites and metallics.

“These research activities open opportunities that are beneficial to both Canada and EADS,” said Pierre Delestrade, President & CEO EADS Canada Inc. “For EADS, Canada has extensive manufacturing expertise that is of interest to our various divisions. And if these new technologies reach maturity through our cooperation, it will position Canadian industry as suppliers on new EADS platforms and programs for years to come.”

The cooperation strategy with Canada also is aligned with EADS’ Vision 2020, a strategic roadmap whose goals include further expansion of the company’s international business footprint beyond its roots in the euro zone, Delestrade added.

Some 15 EADS technology collaboration projects have been completed or are underway in Canada – primarily involving Airbus and EADS Innovation Works, while an equal number are under discussion that would expand this activity with the involvement of Eurocopter and Airbus Military.