Sustainable development drives the EADS Foundation's 'Research Takes Flight' Day

The EADS Corporate Foundation will make a clear statement of its commitment to science at its 'Research Takes Flight Day' at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris on 6 December 2010.

Paris, 06 December 2010

On the occasion of the 7th Research Takes Flight Day, Jean Botti, Chairman of the EADS Corporate Foundation and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the EADS Group, decided to give fresh impetus to this event and develop thematic mornings, the aim being to raise awareness of issues facing society and to create synergy between the stakeholders.

During the morning devoted to the topic "Sustainable development, research and industry", a round-table discussion will be held on "New modes of public-private collaboration and the latest innovations". Attending this round table will be Hervé BIAUSSER, Director of the Ecole Centrale Paris; Daniel CLEMENT, Assistant Science Director of the ADEME; Olivier GODARD, Director of Research at the CNRS and an expert in sustainable development; Catherine LANGLAIS, Director of Saint-Gobain Recherche; Jean-Yves LE COZ, a university professor and Director of the Renault Sustainable Mobility institute ParisTech and Jean BOTTI, Chief Technical Officer of EADS.

Leonardo BONANNI, a researcher at the Medialab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), will be presenting SourceMap, a civic community platform for identifying and assessing the ecological impact of all the components of a product, by retracing the entire manufacturing chain.

Odile PETILLON, Head of Operations of the "Energy & Propulsion" Technical Capability Centre at EADS Innovation Works, will be presenting Eco2avia, the first aircraft to operate on algae-based biofuel.

Finally, Joël de ROSNAY, Executive President of Biotics International and Adviser to the President of universcience, will conclude this first thematic morning on the subject of "Innovation and sustainable development".

The day will also see the award of the EADS Foundation Academy of Science Prizes to the three winners:

  • Grand Prize for Computer Science: Jean-Claude Bermond, Director of Research at the CNRS Computer Science, Signals and Systems Laboratory (I3S) in Sophia Antipolis.
  • Grand Prize for Information Science: David Guiraud, Director of Research on the Artificial Movement and Gait Restoration (DEMAR) project team at the French National Institute for Research into Computer Science and Control (INRIA) in Sophia Antipolis.
  • Science and Engineering Prize: Pierre Sagaut, Professor at Pierre et Marie Curie University, Jean Le Rond d’Alembert Institute in Paris.

Six young researchers will receive an award for the best doctoral thesis.

In the Foundation Village, EADS Innovation Works will also be exhibiting the Cri Cri, the first all-electric four-engine aircraft. This aircraft is the result of R&D work into reducing CO2 emissions, noise and local pollution.

For Jean BOTTI, Chairman of the EADS Corporate Foundation and Chief Technical Officer of EADS, "this day is an opportunity to bring together private and public research stakeholders, to facilitate dialogue and discussion between members of the French scientific community, to encourage the emergence of new areas for collaboration but also to enable the researchers who receive our help to present the progress they have made in their work."

The EADS Corporate Foundation was created in 2004 and its goals are to help bring public and private research closer together and to invest in bringing to fruition scientific projects of excellence. It is also continuing with its general interest patronage work, thereby confirming its commitment to science in society.

Since its creation, the EADS Foundation has supported nearly 100 science and technology research projects, set up six research and teaching chairs and awarded prizes to 72 men and women scientists