New EADS cooperation with Russia is a focus at the Paris Air Show

20 June 2013

The Paris Air Show provided an opportunity for additional contacts of the EADS Corporate Technical Office (CTO) with Russia’s VIAM scientific research institute for aviation materials, enabling ideas to be pursued for future cooperation. Particular emphasis will be focused on what can be commercialised in Russia through support of the Skolkovo Foundation – for which EADS is a corporate partner, and VIAM is an active participant.


VIAM General Director Evgeny N Kablov (at left) inspects EADS Innovation Works’ all-electric E-Fan technology demonstrator aircraft during his visit to the Paris Air Show.

EADS and its Airbus business unit have worked with VIAM for many years, demonstrating VIAM’s world-class capabilities in the fields of aluminium-lithium alloys, aluminium alloys and surface treatment. EADS and VIAM have jointly patented a number of weldable aluminium alloys for aerospace applications.

More recently VIAM has diversified its customer base to include automotive, train, nuclear and sporting goods industrial sectors as well as the aerospace market.

During the Paris Air Show, representatives of the EADS CTO and its EADS Innovation Works research and technology operation welcomed Academician Evgeny N Kablov, the VIAM General Director, who toured the company’s exhibits in its pavilion and at the outdoor aircraft static display line. He was accompanied by Academician N.P. Alyoshin, of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, which is considered one of Russia's most prestigious universities.

Providing support for the high-level Russian delegation at the Paris Air Show were Marina Evans, General Director of the EADS Russian Technology Office (RTO), Dr. Dmitry Bondarenko, Senior Project Manager at the RTO; Dr. Blanka Lencowski, Senior Metallics Expert at EADS Innovation Works; Richard Forster of EADS Innovation Works-Russia.