EADS signs new agreements to license its AFDX and DeltaN FS technologies to U.S. and European companies

20 June 2013

EADS has signed agreements for the licensing of its DeltaN FS friction-stir welding technology to Concept Systems and I-STIRTM Technology Inc. of the U.S., and the AFDX backbone network technology to Italy’s Selex ES S.p.A.

These agreements were marked by signing ceremonies at the Paris Air Show, and are part of the EADS Technology Licensing initiative’s outreach to offer approved technologies. These enable EADS’ partners to enhance production, mature their processes, improve performance and increase safety.

The accords with I-STIR Technology and Concept Systems, supported by Cheers Interactive, enable the companies to use the DeltaN FS trademark in their marketing and promotional material.


Participating in the Paris Air Show ceremony marking EADS’ licensing of AFDX backbone network technology to Italy’s Selex ES S.p.A. are, from left to right: Sébastien Remy (EADS Innovation Works); Alistair Scott (Airbus); Jean Botti (EADS Corporate Technical Office); Gianfranco Terrando (Selex); Fabrizio Boggiani (Selex); Olivier Gicquel (Airbus); Wulf Hoeflich (EADS Technology Licensing initiative).

I-STIR Technology is a subsidiary of PaR Systems which provides manufacturing equipment and solutions for production applications across multiple industries, while Concept Systems is an automation solution provider, specializing in complete line control system integration and retrofits for manufacturers.

EADS’ DeltaN FS welding know-how was developed by EADS Innovation Works – the Group’s corporate research and technology network. This next-generation production technology offers significant advantages in the joining of aluminium, magnesium, copper and composite materials. The process also allows the welding of components with complex geometries. It is designed for applications where the original metal characteristics must remain unchanged as much as possible. Metals can be bonded using mechanical pressure which is suitable not only for aluminium, but also for large parts which cannot be easily heat-treated post-weld to recover temper characteristics.

The EADS licensing agreement with Selex ES S.p.A. involves the Airbus-patented Avionics Full DupleX Switched Ethernet (AFDX) backbone network technology standard for use in aircraft and mission management systems. This newest accord is a first to bring an end-system manufacturer into the official AFDX partner community, and it broadens the use of AFDX to the helicopter market.

The AFDX backbone network technology enables safe and secure data transfer for the aviation industry – including airborne applications on airliners, business jets, military airlifters and helicopters. This communication standard, developed by Airbus for its fly-by-wire A380 jetliner, is more advanced than previous protocols.

AFDX is being used on a growing range of aviation-related applications, from switch and end-system implementation and network integration and optimization to deployment tool suites and test systems. Airbus and its parent company, EADS, are committed to making this technology available to all users of the standard, including manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.