EADS asks students to “Join the Spirit” for a unique international competition in high-performance computing engineering

13 September 2012

An international contest dedicated to high-performance computing for graduate students was launched today by EADS Innovation Works, the EADS group’s corporate research and technology network.

Called “Join the Spirit,” this competition challenges students on solving real-life problems coming from aeronautics and systems applications. The participants can submit their codes which they will test live on a dedicated website: jointhespirit.eads.com. The fastest code that solves the problem will be awarded a $10,000 prize, along with receiving recognition from professional scientists and researchers at EADS.


Students attending the ILA Berlin Air Show are briefed by Yann Barbaux, the Head of EADS Innovation Works, on today’s launch of the “Join the Spirit” challenge.

“This is a great opportunity for students to test what they’ve learned in the classroom by working with a real-world challenge in high-performance computing that has been developed by our experts,” explained EADS Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti, who launched the competition at the 2012 Berlin Air Show. “We’ve structured the challenge to offer equal opportunities at winning for students from any country of the world. In the end, all who participate will be winners – gaining an insight into how EADS handles its own problem-solving, while also enabling students to demonstrate their talents against others in the same field of expertise.”

Students may work the problem-solving on their own, or in teams of up to three persons. The competitors can submit as many codes as they wish. EADS Innovation Works opened the competition today, which continues until midnight on 31 December 2012 GMT. Final results will be published one week later.

The high-performance computing contest is the first in a series of competitions under the “Join the Spirit” umbrella dedicated to various scientific subjects relevant to EADS Innovation Works’ scope of research activity. Each competition will be announced via social media channels and on the EADS website: www.eads.com.

EADS Innovation Works is a global network of seven trans-national Technical Capability Centres that have the mission to identify new value-creating technologies and to develop technological skills and resources. The organisation also operates EADS’ corporate research and technology laboratories that promote the group’s technical innovation potential with a focus on the long-term.

EADS divisions and operations are offering several competitions for young people, with the aim of providing an insight into the excitement of working for the aerospace industry. These contests address school children, mid-level students and graduates.

In addition to EADS Innovation Work’s kickoff of “Join the Spirit” at the ILA Berlin Air Show, the Airbus division of EADS also is using the biennial German event to highlight its next “Fly Your Ideas” global student competition. This third biennial running of Fly Your Ideas will challenge students to provide innovative solutions on six key challenges for a sustainable aviation industry in the 21st century – covering the spectrum range from energy conservation initiatives to management of air traffic growth. The Fly Your Ideas contest is open to college students from any academic discipline, with its registration deadline set for 30 November and final judging in June 2013.