EADS Innovation Works opens technology showcase at its Suresnes, France facility

25 September 2013

EADS opened a new showroom at its Innovation Works facilities in Suresnes, Paris region, to demonstrate the latest projects being conducted by the company’s research and technology laboratories. Technologies on display include digital acoustics, cyber security, friction-stir welding and image processing.

The showroom was inaugurated by Jean Botti, EADS’ Chief Technical Officer and President of the EADS Corporate Foundation, and Sébastien Remy, Head of EADS Innovation Works, in the presence of Geneviève Fioraso, French Minister of Higher Education and Research.


EADS Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti (at left) describes the technologies exhibited at the new Suresnes showroom to Geneviève Fioraso, the French Minister of Higher Education and Research. To their right is Sébastien Remy, the Head of EADS Innovation Works.

“With the installation of this showroom in Suresnes, we want to demonstrate our innovative and cutting- edge research capabilities in an important EADS home country,” said Botti. “Research and development is a key asset for a global company like EADS and one of the main factors that is driving our success.”

The showroom in Suresnes near Paris is the third EADS display area, following the establishment of similar ones in Munich and Newport, UK. This newest showroom features exhibits that will change regularly, supported by multimedia presentations and original hardware. Scientists, customers, employees and other stakeholders can receive information on the latest developments at EADS by visiting the site.

Initial displays include a digital calculation tool to analyse acoustics occurring during a flight in order to optimize aircraft design. Another item is the “Urban View” software, for video content analysis that can process large quantities of data. The mixed reality application (MiRA) meanwhile is innovative software that provides an accurate virtual image of the manufactured configuration of an aircraft. Environmentally-friendly technologies are a key aspect of EADS’ innovation strategy. For example, a model of the E-Fan, a demonstrator of an all-electric general aviation training aircraft, is exhibited in the new showroom.

In addition to the showroom, the Suresnes site also features demonstration laboratories of EADS Innovation Works. Technologies currently studied there include prototyping using 3D printing, composite materials, virtual reality for product design analysis and robotics.

A part of today’s inauguration ceremony also was dedicated to the Alouette project, which is supported by the EADS Foundation. In this cooperation – involving the association “Aérospatiale Matra Patrimoine EADS” (AMPE) and “Les Alouettes,” an association of former engineers and technicians from Eurocopter La Courneuve – students from the Aristide Briand High School in Le Blanc-Mesnil near Paris learn how to restore old helicopters as part of their apprenticeship.

“Innovation and progress, as shown in our Showroom, is only possible through people, passionate about technology and aeronautics,” Botti added. “With this project we strive to support a scientific culture and to attract young people from different backgrounds and to foster vocations.”

Minister Fioraso and Botti also announced the winners of the Irène Joliot-Curie Awards. These prizes are dedicated to women making an outstanding contribution in the research and technology field in France. Valérie Masson-Delmotte was nominated "Woman Scientist of the Year" (with an endowment of €40,000), Wiebke Drenckhan was awarded "Young Woman Scientist" (providing a €15,000 endowment) and Véronique Newland received the prize "Corporate Woman Scientist" (with an endowment of €15,000).