EADS Innovation Works joint venture’s MACROS software helps Airbus with complex engineering problems

6 September 2013

Airbus has undertaken multi-disciplinary optimization modelling of its aircraft families at the conceptual level, leveraging the MACROS software from DATADVANCE – a joint venture of EADS Innovation Works and Russian investors.

The recent achievement at Airbus demonstrated the software’s capability to process nine objective functions, about a dozen degrees of freedom and more than 30 constraints in a timeframe compatible with conceptual design cycles. This tool has enabled engineers to find a set of “Pareto optimal solutions,” resulting in better design choices for Airbus’ family of aircraft – with optimum performance relative to their respective seat and range capabilities.


Marketed by the DATADVANCE joint venture of EADS Innovation Works and Russian investors, MACROS reduces design time and the costs of complex engineering tasks.

“Airbus wants to remain at the leading edge of innovation in science and technology,” said Airbus’ Executive Vice President Engineering, Charles Champion. “MACROS will help Airbus to perform its trade-off studies more efficiently across all development phases and to find more opportunities in the design of the future aircraft.”

MACROS is a process integration, design optimization and intellectual data analysis application which helps its users to quickly solve challenging scenarios. Created by Russia’s International Research Institute of Advanced Systems (IRIAS) and the Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITP), MACROS reduces design time and the costs of complex engineering tasks.

EADS Innovation Works – the research and technology arm of the EADS Corporate Technical Office – performed the original validation and acceptance of MACROS, confirming its capabilities and the software’s usability for applications within EADS’ business units and for commercial customers.

“We are convinced that our multi-objective optimization algorithms combined with surrogate modelling capability in MACROS are helpful in aircraft architecture investigations,” said Sergey Morozov, the Chief Technical Officer of DATADVANCE. “Such an approach facilitates the trade-off between several aspects of product performance, manufacturing and operating costs right from the beginning. MACROS is clearly answering to a strong demand from the market.”

The DATADVANCE joint venture company between EADS Innovation Works and its Russian partners specializes in developing software for predictive modelling, intellectual data analysis and multi-disciplinary optimization, in addition to its responsibility for the marketing of MACROS – its flagship product.