EADS Innovation Works is at the center of Bavaria’s new aerospace and security campus

23 July 2013

A new campus with close ties to EADS Innovation Works at Ottobrunn, Germany has been given additional momentum for its pursuit of aerospace and security technologies, with a major funding commitment by the Bavarian government and a renaming to its permanent identity.

The Ludwig Boelkow Campus, previously known by its working title of BICAS (the Bavarian International Campus Aerospace & Security), brings together resources of industry, university and institutes in developing capabilities of tomorrow, along with offering teaching and training opportunities.

“The Ludwig Boelkow Campus stands for innovation and advanced technology,” said Jean Botti, the EADS Chief Technical Officer. “With EADS Innovation Works headquartered in Ottobrunn, the campus is situated in the perfect environment. The launch of joint research projects is the start of networked research in the fields of aerospace and security.”


Participating in the Ludwig Boelkow Campus groundbreaking was Sebastien Remy, Head of EADS Innovation Works (second from left). He was joined by Thomas Müller, Head of EADS’ Ottobrunn site; Professor Thomas Brück, Faculty of Chemistry at the Technical University of Munich; Bavarian Deputy Prime Minister Martin Zeil; Thomas Kreuzer, Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery; Wolfgang Heubisch, Bavarian Minister of Sciences and Research; and Professor Wolfgang Herrmann, President of the Technical University of Munich.

A funding commitment of nearly 11 million euros from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics has been confirmed to launch several of the campus’ initial projects, including an algae technical centre – to be evolved by EADS and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for the production of biokerosene from algae. This activity will further the development of alternative fuel sources for aviation – which has been a major focus of the EADS Corporate Technical Office (CTO) and its EADS Innovation Works research arm.

The algae technical centre’s goal is to investigate the growth of algae under various climatic conditions. Its cost of approximately 10 million is being financed jointly by EADS and the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences.

Also funded in the campus’ initial activities is the “PowerLab” project dedicated to electric flight. It provides additional momentum to EADS Innovation Works’ ongoing concept and development activity with hybrid and fully electrical propulsion for aircraft, along with the configuration of energy systems and the establishment of airworthiness certification procedures.

PowerLab and the algae technical centre will be joined at Ludwig Boelkow Campus by two start-up companies that are backed by EADS Corporate Technical Office’s Innovation Nursery, helping to develop and commercialise technologies from EADS Innovation Works.

One start-up operation, named “SPEETECT,” will pursue development of BioDetector –a modular system for the rapid detection and analysis of bacteria in water. BioDectector is envisioned for use in a wide range of operations, including the verification of water supplies for public consumption and in industrial applications; analysis in security-related applications; and potentially even for the beauty industry – which requires rapid, accurate verifications that the water sources it uses are bacteria-free.

BioDetector employs cytometry-based technology developed by EADS Innovation Works, providing water sample analyses in 20 minutes, compared with 48 hours to two weeks using the traditional “Petri dish” process in a laboratory.

The other EADS CTO Innovation Nursery start-up to be located on the Ludwig Boelkow Campus is APWORKS, a subsidiary that assists in the commercialization of EADS advanced production technologies. APWORKS builds on the licensing success of EADS Innovation Works’ DeltaN FS® friction-stir welding technology, which is now offered for uses in aerospace, automotive and other industries.

APWORKS will have the resources to offer production consulting and concurrent engineering design services – support that has proven extremely valuable in the marketing and sales outreach for DeltaN FS® and other approved technologies offered by the EADS Technology Licensing initiative (an activity that also is backed by the EADS CTO’s Innovation Nursery).

The Ludwig Boelkow Campus is named after one of Germany’s aeronautical pioneers and founding father of the EADS predecessor company, MBB. Partners in the Ottobrunn campus near Munich are EADS, IABG and Siemens from the industrial side, along with the Technical University of Munich, the Bundeswehr University Munich, and the Munich University of Applied Sciences and Bauhaus Luftfahrt. The DLR German Aerospace Center is an additional partner.