DATADVANCE signs partnership agreement with Russia’s TELUM

26 September 2012

The DATADVANCE joint venture of EADS Innovation Works and Russian investors has expanded its commercial reach through the partnership agreement signed with TELUM – a Russian leader in military and professional radio communication systems development.

This agreement will enable TELUM to extend its design and simulation capabilities and offer capable products and services to its customers, while also giving DATADVANCE access to the predictive modeling and multidisciplinary design optimization segment of the telecommunications market.

DATADVANCE is a software development company specialized in predictive modeling, intellectual data analysis and multi-disciplinary optimization. Its MACROS software tool was created by Russia’s International Research Institute of Advanced Systems (IRIAS) and the Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITP), with validation performed by EADS Innovation Works.


TELUM executives Pavel Boyko (left) and Dmitry Lakontsev join members of their engineering and research team at the company’s Moscow offices.

"We are excited about our partnership with TELUM in Russia, and we plan to expand it globally,” said Sergey Morozov, the DATADVANCE Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. “We believe that MACROS, our flagship data analysis and optimization software suite, will offer unparalleled technical capabilities to TELUM – helping it to introduce the best LTE small cell equipment to the market within the shortest timeframe."

TELUM was established in 2010 as a diversified wireless communications research and development center, and is a spinoff of the RAS Institute for Information Transmission Problems. The company’s management adopted a business development strategy focused on the defense and security markets – reaching its leadership position in military and professional radio communication systems development less than two years after its creation.

"I strongly believe that predictive modeling, multi-objective optimization and data fusion technologies can revolutionize wireless communications,” explained Pavel Boyko, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at TELUM LLC. “We are happy to bring DATADVANCE technology to our LTE equipment."

TELUM’s services cover the full wireless network hardware and software design and development cycle from the requirements analysis and system design to hardware prototype manufacturing and testing. Along with development of advanced wireless technology and products, TELUM provides complex engineering system simulation services.

"The MACROS software suite perfectly fits into our simulation workflow,” added TELUM Senior Research Engineer Kirill Andreev. “Surrogate modeling will allow us to significantly reduce simulation runtime without loss in accuracy and provide our customers a new quality of service.”