A visit to the EADS Innovation Works’ new showroom

16 July 2010 

EADS CEO Louis Gallois was given a preview today of the EADS Innovation Works’ new showroom, called “Innovation@Work”, which will serve as a living display for the company’s leading-edge activities in the fields of mobility, environment, future concepts, security and maintenance. 

Located at EADS’ Ottobrunn, Germany headquarters facility, “Innovation@Work” is an interactive facility that will be updated regularly with exhibits, demonstrators and films.

It will be opened later this year for regular visits by government officials, agency personnel, representatives from institutions, and other invitees, as well as employees from the various EADS companies and divisions – for which the EADS Innovation Works performs its research.


During his showroom visit, EADS CEO Louis Gallois (at right) is briefed on the company’s activity with algae-based biofuels for the aviation industry by EADS Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti. Also shown is Yann Barbaux, Director of the EADS Innovation Works.

The exhibits viewed by Gallois during his preview tour included examples of EADS Innovation Works’ support for the use of algae-based biofuels in the aviation industry, the application of infrared communications links for in-flight entertainment systems to reduce the amount of wiring on jetliners; and robot-assisted repair processes for composite structures.

In developing the showroom, the innovation aspect was taken to its full extent. Guests will be recognised during their visit with the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, while the facility’s meeting area is patterned after a bar concept designed for the A380.

Lighting and sound effects further enhance the visitors’ experience, even to the opening of the showroom’s main doors – which activate with the futuristic “whoosh” of a starship cruiser.