A new Russian outreach for EADS Technology Licensing

30 September 2013

The EADS Technology Licensing initiative’s Russian outreach received high-level exposure with its participation in an innovation-orientated conference organized this month by the French Embassy in Moscow and the French/Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Technology Licensing Manager Quentin Lefebvre outlined the EADS licensing strategies to an audience of executives, venture capital managers, banking advisors and Russian government representatives – describing the “fast track” opportunities for companies to reach the top of their industries with EADS know-how.


Technology Licensing Manager Quentin Lefebvre discusses the EADS Technology Licensing initiative’s Russian outreach strategy during the “Innovation in Russia” conference at Moscow.

Lefebvre underscored EADS’ commitment to the Russian market, leveraging its licensing outreach presence through the EADS Russian Technology Office (which is linked to the EADS Innovation Works research and technology organisation), the Technology Transfer Centre (a newly founded company owned by a manager of Meridian Capital, the Moscow-based investment boutique that works with EADS in Russia), the various EADS business units that are active in Russia (including Airbus and Eurocopter), along with the EADS Global Sourcing Network (which qualifies future suppliers of EADS).

“The Moscow conference was an excellent occasion to make new contacts as the EADS Technology Licensing initiative continues its focus on the Russian market,” Lefebvre explained. “Our next step will be participation in the ‘Open Innovation’ International Forum of Innovative Development meeting in Moscow, to be held from October 31 to November 2.”

The EADS Technology Licensing initiative is overseen by the EADS Corporate Technical Office, which coordinates the resources of EADS Innovation Works – the group’s research and technology arm.