United States

Airbus Group Innovations’ American operations are focused in areas such as cyber security, biofuel and alternative propulsion, and aerodynamics.

Airbus Group Innovations’ presence in the United States aims to take advantage of the country’s significant research and technology capabilities to enhance Airbus Group’s global business, while providing close support to Airbus Group North America business units with a permanent U.S. research footprint.

Successful partnerships with universities

Airbus Group Innovations’ U.S. activities have been highlighted by a number of successful partnerships with American universities, institutions and laboratories. These include monitoring the impact of supercooled droplets on aerodynamic surfaces in airflow with Mississippi State University’s expertise in computational fluid dynamics; the ROGUEVIDEO program with the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California to address a critical gap in command and control of first responders; and social modelling with George Mason University in Virginia to adapt to shifting real-world challenges in U.S. border security.

A new innovation centre in California

The activities of Airbus Group Innovations in the U.S. are based on the campus of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. Opened in 2012, this office will give Airbus Group close proximity to a key high-technology region of the U.S. and also take advantage of a partnership with Cal Poly’s "hands-on," practical learning approach.


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