Skolkovo: The Centre of Innovation in Russia

Airbus Group has been actively engaged in Russian cooperation for research, technology and development (RT&D) during the past two decades with considerable success.

The creation of Airbus Group Innovations-Russia at the Moscow region’s Skolkovo high-tech hub is a natural progression in the growth and strengthening of the company’s relationships with Russian RT&D partners.

In the domain of aerospace technology, Airbus Group considers Russia as a technological partner country equivalent to North America or Western Europe. At the same time, the dynamism surrounding the creation of high-technology goods and services in Russia is more comparable developing nations such as Brazil and India.

Airbus Group intends to derive more technological value for both itself and its Russian partners through the creation of Airbus Group Innovations-Russia at Skolkovo. This facilitates cooperation with Russian third parties of strategic interest to Airbus Group, enhance the overall value of the company’s RT&D work performed in Russia, and ultimately increase the level of high technology goods and services procured in the country by Airbus Group.

A joint venture milestone

The first major milestone in Airbus Group’s relationship with Skolkovo was achieved through an agreement signed in December 2010 by the DATADVANCE software joint venture between Airbus Group and Russian investors. It was followed in March 2011 by Airbus Group to establish its Russian research and development centre at Skolkovo.

Skolkovo offers numerous advantages for Airbus Group in terms of infrastructure, proximity to high technology partners, networking with high technology company leaders, strengthened links with governmental agencies and financial investment opportunities – all of which will assist the company’s cooperation in Russia.

With its base in Skolkovo, Airbus Group Innovations-Russia becomes an integral part of the overall Airbus Group Innovations organisation – which is the company’s focal point for research and technology. This will allow Airbus Group’s innovation activities in Russia to be managed as they currently are through the established infrastructure in its home countries of France, Germany and the UK, helping to further trans-nationalise the company’s RT&D efforts.

Building on Airbus Group’s core cooperation in Russia

The entrepreneurial spirit inherent in the Skolkovo high-technology hub will help promote links with Russian industry, in particular with the growing number of small start-up companies that are pursuing advances in simulation, modelling and testing – becoming world leaders in niche areas. This will build on Airbus Group’s established, and expanding, relationships with research institutes, universities and government agencies that have been the traditional core of its Russian research and technology outreach.

Establishing Airbus Group Innovations-Russia is a natural step forward in cementing the company’s relationship with the Russian research community. Operating from Skolkovo, the company will be able to access Russia’s talent pool more easily, and in return, create major business, economic and employment opportunities for Russians. As a result, the Skolkovo innovation base is a win-win situation for Russia, Europe and Airbus Group.

Skolkovo Space Cluster

Sergei Zhukov, Executive Director Skolkovo Space Cluster, talks about the relevance of Skolkovo high-tech hub.


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