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The DATADVANCE joint venture is a demonstration of the ability to develop commercial spin-off companies that successfully bring Russian technologies to the global marketplace. Прочитать русскую версию about: ИСТОРИЯ УСПЕХА

12 December 2012

DATADVANCE, a joint venture of EADS Innovation Works and investors in Russia, is marketing the MACROS software tool, which is based on data handling, multidisciplinary optimization and surrogate models that help reduce design time and cost of complex engineering products.

MACROS was created by Russia’s International Research Institute of Advanced Systems (IRIAS) and the Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITP). EADS Innovation Works performed the software tool’s original validation and acceptance – confirming its abilities and simple usability.

Faster and optimized

During the two years of development that followed with EADS Innovation Works’ involvement, MACROS has been further simplified and made it faster to operate, enabling its use in the longer-term by non-experts in surrogate models or optimization.

Engineers at EADS’ Airbus division have applied MACROS in such applications as the optimisation of an aircraft fuselage’s weight, validating that its surrogate models can reduce the process from several weeks to a few hours – while still retaining an optimal level of accuracy

In addition to its demonstrated use for the aerospace industry, DATADVANCE is seeking other commercial uses in such areas as finance, automotive, shipping, energy and industrial machine tools.


Pierre-Laurent Kociemba, CEO of DATADVANCE, and Sergey Morozov, DATADVANCE's CTO, give a short insight into the importance of partnerships in the development of MACROS software.


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