Airbus Group Innovations-Russia brings together Airbus Group expertise with Russian industry and institutions through partnerships, joint ventures and spin-off companies.

Coordinated through Airbus Group’s links with the Moscow region’s Skolkovo high-tech hub, Airbus Group Innovations-Russia has developed five key pillars for its ongoing research and technology operations in Russia: simulation, materials, energy storage, communications and the Arctic, and in-depth research.

Partnerships and long-term collaboration

The cooperation between Airbus Group and Russia has led to technologies incorporated across the Airbus group business units. This includes the MACROS software tool to help reduce the design time and costs for complex engineering tasks, which results from the Airbus Group Innovations/Russian joint venture, DATADVANCE.

Airbus Group Innovations also is involved in long-term studies in Russia with the continuous detonation wave engine (CDWE) project, space debris collection, and Airbus Group Innovations-Russia has created a tool suite for Assembly Simulation for Reliable Processes (ASRP) – used to optimise the wing to centre wing box join-up process on the A350 XWB final assembly line.

Cooperative research ventures

During the past two decades, Airbus Group and its divisions have performed nearly 130 cooperative research ventures in Russia in such areas as aerodynamics (flow control and wake vortex), acoustics (noise suppression), supersonic flight (environmental impact assessment), composite (design methods for high load inputs), metallic materials development and modelling of complex physical phenomena.

Through its relationship with Skolkovo, Airbus Group Innovations-Russia has prime access to high-technology companies, government agencies and financial investment opportunities in Russia.


Continuous detonation wave engine

Continuous detonation wave engine

With the Skolkovo Foundation’s backing, the Airbus Group and its Russian partners are pursing this radical new propulsion concept. Read more Continuous detonation wave engine

Innovation in Russia by Airbus Group

Innovation in Russia by Airbus Group

Airbus Group Innovations’ creation of relationships and partnerships with Russia is described in a four-page brochure.