Airbus Group Innovations in Malaysia is developing pioneering technologies in the areas of biofuels, composite manufacturing and bio-sourced material research.

Airbus Group is expanding its research and technology presence in Malaysia in parallel with the region’s development of its own aerospace and defence activities.

Sustainable aviation

Bio-sourced material in Malaysia could be a long-term solution for cheaper, sustainable composites in aerospace applications, including aircraft cabin materials and structures. Airbus Group Innovations will look to partner with local Malaysian institutions in studying such uses for bio-sourced material.

In the area of aviation biofuels, Airbus Group Innovations will conduct feasibility studies on producing jet biofuel in Malaysia and integrate its findings into Airbus Group’s global perspective.

The Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre

Airbus Group has also taken a lead role in establishing the Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre (AMIC) – a joint initiative of the company’s Corporate Technical Office and Strategy and Marketing Organisation, along with Rolls-Royce and Composites Technology Research Malaysia, as well as the Malaysian government and a local university.


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