Airbus Group Innovations-India concentrates its cooperative efforts in the areas of aero-thermics, high-performance and distributed computing, as well as image processing.

Capitalising on India’s expertise in numerical simulation of complex physical systems, multi-disciplinary optimization, advanced computing and radar technology are among the priorities of Airbus Group Innovations-India. Created in 2009, Airbus Group Innovations-India is located at the country’s aerospace and information technology hub of Bangalore.

Partnering with local players

Projects include simulation tools and methodologies; communication, localization, and navigation using adhoc networks; localization and navigation using semantics and unsupervised activity classification in surveillance scenarios; aero-acoustic optimization of aircraft wings in the landing configuration; and image retrieval systems. Among the partners of Airbus Group Innovations-India are the Indian Institute of Technology, the Center for Development of Advanced Computing, and Zeus Numerix.