Airbus Group Corporate Foundation

Our Foundation builds solid and fertile ties between public and private research institutions. 

Our responsibility towards knowledge

Image Our responsibility towards knowledge

With Airbus Group's position come responsibilities. These extend beyond its role as a business and are defined by its commitment to furthering knowledge, sciences and research.
The five main objectives of the Foundation are: 

  • Forge ties between public sector research communities and industrial communities
  • Contribute to the development of scientific and technological research
  • Contribute to the development of scientific knowledge
  • Bolster the economic world's societal and ethical commitment
  • Contribute to the discovery of general interest applications for innovations in aeronautic and space technology

The Foundation’s core activities concentrate on funding pioneering and original research projects, helping foundations and associations that share our common values for the progression of science and setting up initiatives to raise awareness among the younger generations in the fields of science.


Turing words into deeds

Image Turing words into deeds

The Airbus Group Corporate Foundation has supported nearly 120 scientific and technological research projects and has created 12 research and academic chairs. 100 scientists have won prizes in collaboration with, for example, the prestegious Academy of Sciences or the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In addition, 6,000 pupils have benefited from Foundation actions and 40,000 units of its book - Flight Book – Fascination for Aerospace - have been distributed throughout the world.


Educational programmes

Educational programmes

Students influenced by our educational programmes reveal what sparked their passion for technical training. Read more in UP magazine Educational programmes

Fascination for Aerospace

Fascination for Aerospace

The ‘Flight Book’ answers questions from young readers concerning aircraft propulsion, space tourism, weather satellites and other aerospace-related topics. Read more Fascination for Aerospace