Airbus Group in Australia

Image Airbus Group in Australia

The Airbus Group already has a significant industrial presence in Australia. The country is an increasingly important market in Asia-Pacific for commercial and military aircraft, helicopters and defence and security equipment.

Airbus Group in Brazil


A strategic country for Airbus Group due to its proven industrial and technological capacity, its highly qualified workforce and experience of its industry to manufacture and certificate aerospace and defence & security products.

Airbus Group in China

Image Airbus Group in China

With the rapid development of its aerospace and aviation industry, China has become an important market for Airbus Group, as well as a strategic partner and supplier.

Airbus Group in India

Image Airbus Group in India

Airbus Group is continually building on its long-standing business relationship with India, establishing a reputation as a strong local partner there.

Airbus Group in the Middle East

Image Airbus Group in the Middle East

Building on already established working relationships, the Group is aiming to be a highly-valued long-term strategic partner in the Middle East.

Airbus Group in North America

Image Airbus Group in North America

Airbus Group is a leading supplier and industrial partner in North America for defence and homeland security, commercial aviation, telecommunications and services.

Airbus Group in Russia

Image Airbus Group in Russia

Russia has a remarkable track record in the fields of aerospace and defence and is one the few nations in the world able to design and develop a full range of related products.

Airbus Group in the UK

Image Airbus Group in the UK

The UK is a home market for Airbus Group. Airbus Group makes a major contribution to the UK aerospace and defence industry with a turnover of more than £2 billion in the country.