Our Integrity Principles

With people’s lives in its hands and the huge impact on the communities it serves, Airbus Group is committed to Ethics & Compliance at all times.

More than 500 million people fly on Airbus aircraft each year; Airbus Helicopters are used for missions from rescue operations to civil protection; Airbus Defence and Space satellites deliver data from military communications to meteorology; and the defence products ensure security from border protection to cyber space. By proving that product integrity, safety and quality are our top priorities, Airbus Group has earned the trust of customers, passengers, operators, business partners and stakeholders worldwide. Airbus Group works hard to continuously earn our customers’ confidence by acting with integrity and upholding the highest ethical standards.

An ongoing programme of improvement

In recent years, Airbus Group has reinforced its Ethics & Compliance Programme considerably, making it a key Group priority. Airbus Group also has its own Standards of Business Conduct and, as employees’ support is vital in bringing this to life, we provide them with training and communications campaigns. We register progress and successes, and we are determined to keep getting better. Read more about our current activities in Ethics & Compliance in action.

Setting industry standards

Looking beyond its own four walls, Airbus Group is contributing to establishing global standards for the aerospace and defence industry. We are an active participant in a number of forums, such as the United Nations Global Compact and International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct for the Aerospace and Defence Industry, of which Airbus group is a co-chair. These efforts have led to the adoption in 2009 of the ‘Global Principles of Business Ethics’ by European and US industry associations.

TONE FROM THE TOP - Tom Enders, Airbus Group CEO

Image TONE FROM THE TOP - Tom Enders, Airbus Group CEO

At Airbus Group, it’s not just our results that matter – it’s the way we achieve them. The only acceptable way to win orders in any market is by offering superior products and services to our customers. I was President of the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe in 2006, when it decided to develop a set of global principles through the Aerospace Industries Association and the IFBEC. At the same time I requested that an Ethics & Compliance programme be implemented within Airbus Group. Today, we have an Ethics & Compliance programme created in-house, brick by brick, supporting all employees. We will continue to grow and pursue excellence, not just in terms of our products and services but in terms of how we do business and achieve our results.