Support and OpenLine

Thanks to the Airbus Group OpenLine and strong network, we support our employees when dealing with Ethics and Compliance matters.

We strive to support all our employees in the many countries where the Group operates when dealing with Ethics and Compliance issues and concerns. That is why a worldwide network of Ethics and Compliance representatives and officers has been set up throughout Airbus Group. Ethics and Compliance representatives are employees trained by the Compliance Office, who spend a part of their work time on Ethics and Compliance matters. Employees can ask them for advice and support, while the representatives convey important information and guidelines about Ethics and Compliance risks for their Division.

Airbus Group alert system

The OpenLine alert system is available at all times to all Airbus Group employees. The OpenLine enables employees to confidentially raise their concerns via the internet or by phone. Now available in Europe, it is continuously being expanded to new countries, such as Brazil and Australia.
Airbus Group does not tolerate retaliation against employees making reports in good faith and/or assisting in investigations of suspected violations of the Standards of Business Conduct.