Ethics & Compliance in Action

Airbus Group's Ethics & Compliance programme is based on a risk prevention approach. A strong team focuses on four key areas to support our Standards of Business Conduct and policies.

In 2008, the Group's Board of Directors took the decision to create an independent Ethics & Compliance programme comprising around 170 full-time staff and approximately 450 network members and headed by the Group Chief Compliance Officer. This organisation follows a reporting and monitoring structure that balances proximity to day-to-day business activities and the necessary independence. It aims to define and deploy a Group-wide Ethics & Compliance programme, made by Airbus Group for Airbus Group. This programme follows a risk-based approach with the objectives to prevent, detect and respond to Ethics & Compliance risks.

Following a strong focus on prevention, the Compliance Organisation supports employees in dealing with Ethics & Compliance matters. To this end, communication and training activities, as well as the Airbus Group alert system, are other critical components of our programme.

Four main focal points

Following a risk assessment carried out by Airbus Group, four compliance areas were identified as of primary importance and relevant structures and staffing were set up to respond to those risks:

  • International Compliance - Zero tolerance to corruption

At Airbus Group, we prohibit all forms of corruption, public or private. As such, a dedicated anti-corruption programme and organisation were put in place at an early stage under the leadership of the Group International Compliance Officer. Its mission is to reinforce a culture of anti-bribery and to protect the Group against any legal, financial or reputational risk. This is carried out while selecting business partners and conducting M&A operations or investment projects. Notably, the Group International Compliance Office develops and implements the Airbus Group Business Ethics Policy and Rules. (Read more).

  • Export Compliance - Global export for business continuity

Many components integrated in products and services we buy and sell are subject to export control regulations, requiring various licenses. The Export Compliance Organisation provides beginning-to-end business process control. With its worldwide team of 110 export compliance professionals, it ensures full compliance with national and international export laws and regulations and implements the Group Export Compliance Policies and procedures.

  • Procurement Compliance - Growing together

Suppliers deliver a high proportion of the value of our products, and thus play an important role in customer satisfaction. At Airbus Group, we believe we must strive to promote ethical and mutually beneficial relationships with these partners. The Group Procurement Compliance Officer mitigates risks arising from exposure to liability in procurement operations and from suppliers’ activities. In order to meet the highest standards of responsibility throughout our supply base, we request that our suppliers commit to our Suppliers Code of Conduct, Growing Together and cascade these principles to their employees and through their own supply chain.

  • Personal Data Protection Compliance - Global standard for personal data processing

The Group Data Protection Compliance Office manages the risks and business impacts of European, national and international data protection legislations. It ensures a consistent and globally valid data protection approach and sets data security standards for personal data processing, based on globally accepted principles. It also oversees all ongoing activities related to the development and the implementation of the Airbus Group Data Protection Policies, as well as the Binding Corporate Rules (BCR).