Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) integrates environmental, social and governance criteria in Airbus Group operations. Here are our main areas of focus.

“'Responsibility and sustainability' refers to how we use extra-financial criteria to measure our performance and risks. Ultimately, it is a measure of the quality of Airbus Group’s operations and their capacity for creating value.”

Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus Group

Strong governance

Image Strong governance

For Airbus Group, responsibility and sustainability starts with good governance. Strong corporate governance organisations, including controls and risk management, and ethics and compliance are the foundations on which the Group is building its future. These governance standards are influencing how Airbus Group transforms its business.


- Embed CR&S standards into Airbus Group strategy and core business processes.
- Raise awareness of employees and business partners regarding Airbus Group’s commitment to ethical business conduct.

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Innovative, clean and safe products

Image Innovative, clean and safe products

Airbus Group is involved in some of today’s most critical questions – sustainable mobility, the security of nation states and, more broadly, the evolution to a low-carbon economy. Airbus Group has to take a lead in providing answers to these questions while building economic value, creating more jobs and preparing for the challenges and opportunities of a more sustainable economy.

- Promote innovation, quality and eco-efficiency as drivers of research, product development, production and new business opportunities.
- Develop cutting-edge solutions for sustainable mobility.
- Support security and stability.

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Reducing the impact of industrial operations

Image Reducing the impact of industrial operations

Airbus Group is committed to becoming an eco-efficient enterprise, i.e. a more profitable company that continuously improves its overall environmental performance. The Group is striving to introduce this management philosophy, fully integrating it within the business and turning it into a company culture. All staff, programmes and stakeholders are encouraged to exercise responsibility towards the environment, while at the same time enhancing Airbus Group’s competitiveness.

- Use our roadmap to achieve greater environmental efficiency.
- Embed environmental management across product lifecycles in Airbus Group’s culture.

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Developing and engaging Airbus Group's people

Image Developing and engaging Airbus Group's people

Airbus Group’s people are the key to its success and competitiveness. The Group is committed to developing their full potential, responding to their expectations regarding personal development, and providing equal opportunities to all. Concentrating on managing employee competences, Airbus Group is nurturing the skills base needed for the future and preparing to weather the ups and downs of economic cycles, while also seeking to ensure that employees are truly engaged.

- Anticipate, secure and develop competences.
- Improve employee engagement and development.
- Reinforce diversity and integration throughout Airbus Group.

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Supplier partnerships

Image Supplier partnerships

Airbus Group is forging increasingly strong relationships with suppliers. The combination of a business model that relies extensively on high-quality outsourcing, and long product cycles, means that the Group forms long-term partnerships with suppliers.


- Grow and progress with suppliers.
- Share CR&S objectives with suppliers.

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An active corporate citizen

Image An active corporate citizen

Airbus Group believes that contributing to the wellbeing of the communities in which it works, and especially to education in the sciences for young people, is an ethical imperative. The Group is focusing on activities where its expertise can add value.

- Be a long-term partner in the countries where the Group operates.
- Focus on activities where Airbus Group’s expertise adds value, i.e. research, education and humanitarian relief.

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Indicators and appendices

We express the following comments on the Reporting Criteria and process:

Both Environmental and Social Airbus Group Reporting Criteria describe precisely the reporting scope, steps and indicators definitions that are also detailed in the section “Scope and methodology” of this report. Environmental Reporting Criteria are explained to the various reporting participants during workshops that contribute to the identification of reporting difficulties and best practices sharing. Airbus Group reporting process is supported by dedicated computer-based reporting tools. These tools, together with a quite structured internal control process, enable the company to improve data reliability.

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