Our Suppliers

The external supply chain is critical for the Airbus Group. The performance of our suppliers is key for our common success.

How to do business with Airbus Group

With a volume of over €39.5 billion, Airbus Group's external procurement is equivalent to approximately 2/3 of Airbus Group's revenues, and the volume is developing in line with the Group's revenue. Suppliers for direct procurement can be grouped into the following commodity clusters: Systems & Equipment, Aerostructures, and Material. Each Division has its own Procurement function in charge of direct procurement, mainly addressing systems and equipment that are built into our products. Indirect procurement of goods and services, ranging from buildings, machines and tools, engineering services, consulting to IT and office equipment is under the responsibility of our shared service unit; Airbus Group General Procurement (EGP). Several thousand suppliers from more than 100 countries deliver parts, components or sub-systems. The supplier base is continuously being further developed, focussing on partnerships with the best suppliers in terms of quality, time and cost. Top-tier suppliers are given increased responsibility through large work packages; they manage smaller suppliers and deliver complete systems to Airbus Group.

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