EADS-CASA begins the Eurofighter Typhoon final assembly phase

A step forward into the production phase of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Madrid26 July 2001

EADS-CASA Military Aircraft has celebrated, together with the Spanish Customer, the beginning of the Eurofighter Typhoon Final Assembly Phase at Getafe facilities.

Two of the oldest traditional hangars at Getafe, in which important programmes have been developed before Eurofighter Typhoon, have been widely transformed during the last 16 months. Both infrastructure and production tools have been re-equipped and nowadays the hangars are perfectly adapted to face the actual and demanding technical requirements, taking into account the environment and social health.

The design and installation of 11 major assembly jig’s, in the wings assembly hangar, presents the latest advances in ergonomics, accessibility and quality assurance. Furthermore, the installation of the newest fuselage alignments and integration systems, worked by optical systems and interferometry that uses mobile surfaces integration systems unique in the world, all this in the Eurofighter Typhoon Final Assembly hangar, has to be also highlighted.

The start of the Eurofighter Typhoon Final Assembly Phase in Spain confirms the worthiness of the integrated efforts made by the European industry with the support of each respective national customer. At this stage the 4 Assembly lines are now in operation. The other 3 lines are based in the UK (Warton), Germany (Manching) and Italy (Turin).

More then 30 different Spanish manufacturers have contributed to reach this aim.

EADS-CASA foresees to reach a rate of 5.5 right wings per month and up to 7 aircraft per year, as in the Contract. Both production lines present a superb capability up to 7 wings per month and 12 aircraft per year.

EADS CASA is producing the right wing for all 620 Eurofighter aircraft on order and will assemble 87 aircraft for the Spanish Air Force. First delivery to the Spanish Air Force will be together with the other partner air forces in the second half of 2002.

EADS was formed on July. 2000 following the merger of Aerospatiale Matra of France, DaimlerChrysler from Germany and Construcciones Aeronáuticas from Spain. EADS is the third largest aerospace company in the world. It has approximately 100,000 employees.

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