Airbus ProSky opens new offices in Singapore

A step towards Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernization in Asia-Pacific

Blagnac12 February 2014

This announcement comes a year after the Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) between the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and Airbus ProSky to jointly develop a Concept of Operations for Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)* based on Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)**.

“Asia-Pacific is the world's fastest growing region for air travel. Opening a new office in Singapore is the next logical step towards fulfilling the commitment jointly started with CAAS and other Air Navigation Services Providers for the modernization of Air Traffic Management in the region“, said Paul-Franck Bijou, Airbus ProSky CEO.

Airbus ProSky has been involved in many projects in Asia-Pacific focused on enhancing Air Traffic capacity, increasing flight efficiency and improving access to airports. In Australia for example, following the deployment of ATFM and CDM with Airservices in 2012, results have shown a reduction of five minutes in flight time on the 5th busiest world city pair Melbourne-Sydney, in combination with reduced airborne holding leading to a consequent fuel burn reduction.

On a worldwide scale, it is expected that modernising ATM systems will generate significant environmental benefits such as saving some 13 billion litres of fuel per year, a reducing some 29 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year as well as some four million hours of delays.

Note to the editor

*Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) is an enabler of ATM efficiency and effectiveness. It contributes to the safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and environmental sustainability of an ATM system. It is also a major enabler of global interoperability of the air transport. ATFM is applied to have a controlled process of flights leading to an improved usage of capacity that will result in lower operating cost.


**Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) is a process focused on how to decide on a course of action articulated between two or more community members. Through CDM, ATM stakeholders share information to agree on and apply the decision-making approach and principles.

Airbus ProSky, the Air Traffic Management (ATM) subsidiary of Airbus, is dedicated to improving the performance of global ATM. Comprised of recognised experts and offering intelligent ATM solutions, Airbus ProSky works with stakeholders to maximise efficiency, capacity, and environmental sustainability. Airbus ProSky and its subsidiaries work together to improve the performance and efficiency of the global air space. For more information, please visit


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