EADS Welcomes Almost 600 Pupils for Girls’ Day In Germany

Munich25 April 2013

EADS is taking the opportunity to once again show its commitment to diversity issues by welcoming nearly 600 girls aged between 12 and 19, as part of the Girls’ Day initiative in Germany. The pupils will visit different EADS sites across the country and have the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of aerospace.

“We are happy to welcome these girls to EADS as part of Girls’ Day and hope that at least some of them will now consider a career in technical professions that are often considered a male dominated realm,” said Jörg Kutzim, Head of the EADS Recruitment Centre. “EADS aims to have women representing 20% of its workforce by 2020, so we need to ensure that more young women chose to study science and engineering at school and university. Girls’ Day is one of the many initiatives we have to do this.”

50 girls will be welcomed at the Airbus site of Finkenwerder, near to Hamburg, and will have the chance to visit the aircraft assembly lines. There, they will also have the opportunity to share their experiences with current and former apprentices and dual students and to discover the Airbus workplace from an insider’s perspective through visits and workshops.

Airbus Stade will offer a practice-oriented workshop, in which 45 pupils can make small components from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. About 30 girls can visit a mock-up of the A380 cabin at the Airbus site of Buxtehude, among other events. The Airbus site of Bremen will be opened for 200 boys and girls this year. They will have the opportunity to meet engineers and to familiarize themselves with their work and see the fuselage production of the A400M. Airbus will be offering one-week internships in June or July, depending upon location.

The 28 girls visiting the Eurocopter site in Donauwörth will get an insight into the apprenticeship shop of the helicopter manufacturer. Together with students and apprentices of Eurocopter, the young women will have the task to rivet, solder or engrave aircraft structures. Moreover, the girls will meet female engineers and will receive a technical demonstration of a helicopter.

At the Astrium site near Munich, a group of 33 girls will discover the solar generators, the welding area as well as the Ariane propulsion centre. Another 14 girls will have the occasion to watch thrilling nitrogen demonstrations and explore technical handicraft at the Astrium site of Lampoldshausen. Moreover, they will have an insight into the school lab, where space propulsion systems are tested.

The Astrium site of Bremen will not only be open for girls, but also for interested boys. The “Future Day” offers an interesting and exciting five-hour programme to 30 young people: a session in the training workshop and in the training laboratory, discussions with current trainees, an introductory film and a factory tour with views of integration and manufacturing lines.

50 girls at the Friedrichshafen site of Cassidian and Astrium will have the occasion to discover the space experiments as well as to program computer simulations. They will also learn about the technical and electronic activities of the engineers thanks to practical workshops such as soldering exercises or electrical installations. The 50 girls visiting the Ulm site of Cassidian and the 20 visiting the Unterschleissheim site will be able to talk with female employees about their experiences.

The 72 girls visiting the Cassidian plant of Manching will not only gain experience with mechanical work thanks to the building of a Eurofighter model, but will as get an insight into electrical activities through the wiring and lightning of navigation lights. Apart from the varied practical activities, sharing of experiences with engineers as well as visit of the site, the participants will also be informed about the training possibilities as well as dual study offered at Manching.

Most of the girls will have the occasion to discover professions which are still relatively unknown to the general public, and to learn about EADS’ apprenticeships and integrated degree programme opportunities.

Every year in April, technical enterprises, universities and research centres are invited by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as well as industry bodies and trade unions to organise an open day for girls. For the participating companies, Girls’ Day has evolved as an important instrument of their recruitment policy. The aim of Girls’ Day is to encourage young women to participate in the campaign and change their common attitudes towards vocational orientation.

You will find more information about education and dual studies at EADS on www.eads.net.

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