100 Years Ludwig Bölkow

On 30 June 2012, aerospace pioneer Ludwig Bölkow would have turned 100. To celebrate this anniversary, a travelling exhibition has been set up.

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Jul 03. till Dec 31.

Touring exhibition "100 Years Ludwig Bölkow"

03 July 2012 03.07.2012 - 31 December 2012 31.12.2012 download calendar-file
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Bölkow exhibition on tour

On the occasion of the centennial of Ludwig Bölkow, founding father of the EADS predecessor company MBB and great innovator who has left a lasting mark on the field of aeronautics, EADS has launched a travelling exhibition. This exhibition details the highlights and inventions of his distinguished career, focusing on the areas of the person himself, his role as an entrepreneur, Bölkow as a visionary and pioneer, his European outlook, Bölkow the ‘techosopher’, and his legacy for coming generations.

Detailed info about the touring exhibition

Location Date
Ottbrunn, Rathaus 23.7. – 29.7
ILA Berlin in cooperation with BDLI, Hall 3 11.9. – 16.9.



“The limits of technology are not to be found in the technology itself but in its application by humans. Mankind bears responsibility for everything that may still be achieved and everything that must still be achieved.”

- Ludwig Bölkow

Ludwig Bölkow and his legacy

Ludwig Bölkow’s work spans the aeronautic, defence and space sectors, including contributions to the Messerschmitt Me 262 (the first jet-powered fighter), a rotor system for the Tiger helicopter, innovative satellite and rocket booster technology, and the invention of the COBRA antitank missile. As well as being a genius at the test bench and in the laboratory, Bölkow was a dedicated entrepreneur who was a major driving force behind the emergence of the Airbus project.

He is also a founding father of the EADS predecessor company MBB, whose further development he promoted, initially on a national basis to become Dasa and later on a European basis to become EADS, as it furthered his objective of a "technological Europe". Furthermore, he was passionate about social progress, implementing a canteen, child day-care centres, medical services and professional training for his employees.

One of the earliest advocates of European industrial cooperation in the aeronautical, space and defence sectors, Bölkow was truly a pioneer of today’s European aerospace industry. 


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