1. What is EADS?

EADS stands for the European Aeronautic Defence and Space company. The company was created in July 2000 by merging Aerospatiale Matra of France, DASA of Germany (excluding the MTU engine business) and CASA of Spain.

2. What nationality is EADS?

EADS is registered in the Netherlands.
Why ?
Given the international nature of the merger - and the lack of any uniform regulations concerning an operation of this type - the founders had to establish the new company in a neutral European Union country, that would offer the flexibility needed to account for the specific characteristics of the constituent businesses and management of the new group. These conditions led to the choice of the Netherlands.
Dutch law enabled us to ensure that measures concerning the protection of minority shareholders, comparable to those in French stock exchange laws, could be incorporated in the EADS bylaws.

3. What is EADS' organisational and management structure?

4. What is the Group's shareholding structure?