Based on an Earnings per Share (EPS) of € 1.50, the EADS Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 29 May 2013 has approved a cash distribution of a gross amount of € 0.60 per share, on 5 June 2013 .


Dividends and cash distributions paid since the incorporation of the company

Financial year Gross dividend Payment date
2012 0.60€ 05 June 2013
2011 0.45€ 07 June 2012
2010 0.22 € 06 June 2011
2009 no dividend  
2008 0.20 € 08 June 2009
2007 0.12 € 04 June 2008
2006 0.12 € 16 May 2007
2005 0.65 € 01 June 2006
2004 0.50 € 08 June 2005
2003 0.40 € 04 June 2004
2002 0.30 € 12 June 2003
2001 0.50 € 28 June 2002
2000 0.50 € 27 June 2001


Airbus Group's dividend policy

In the future, Airbus Group's dividends and attributions to reserves will be proposed to the shareholders by the Board of Directors depending on factors such as Airbus Group's distribution capacity arising from performance, its priorities for cash utilisation and confidence in future prospects (payment levels will also take external factors into account, such as the dividend policies of relevant European and international companies). No assurance may be given in respect to the proposed dividend levels for the coming years.

Dividend taxation

A new tax reform has been implemented in the Netherlands per January 1, 2007. One of the key reasons for this reform was to make the Netherlands a more attractive country to invest in. An important modification in the Dutch Dividend Tax Act is that the interest withholding tax rate has been decreased from 25% to 15%. This implies that per January 1, 2007, based on Dutch tax law, all dividend distributions, independent of the origin/ home country of the shareholder, are subject to a 15% dividend withholding tax. Should a tax treaty between the Netherlands and the country of a Dutch company's shareholder offer a withholding tax rate lower than 15%, the lower percentage will prevail.

Unclaimed dividends

Pursuant to Article 31 of the Articles of Association, the claim for payment of a dividend or other distribution approved by the general meeting shall lapse five years after the day on which such claim becomes due and payable. The claim for payment of interim dividends shall lapse five years after the day on which the claim for payment of the dividend against which the dividend could be distributed becomes due and payable.