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Pierre de Bausset

SVP Investor Relations, EADS
0.2 MB Webcast  
Hans Peter Ring
CFO, Airbus
0.1 MB Webcast Webcast
Natural Hedging & Dollar Accounting
Pierre de Bausset

SVP Investor Relations, EADS
0.2 MB Webcast  
Airbus Modelling
Harald Wilhelm

Chief Controlling Officer
Deputy CFO, Airbus
Nathalie Errard
VP Investor Relations, EADS
0.3 MB Webcast  
Louis Gallois
0.1 MB Webcast Webcast
Lutz Bertling

CEO, Eurocopter
3.0 MB Webcast Webcast
Tom Enders
CEO, Airbus
0.1 MB Webcast  
Power8 & A350
Fabrice Bregier
COO, Airbus
3.0 MB Webcast  
Programme Directorate & A380 Progress
Tom Williams

EVP Programmes, Airbus
0.3 MB Webcast Webcast
Commercial Aircraft Market & Cycle
John Leahy

COO Customers, Airbus
26.0 MB Webcast Webcast
Composites Technology
Guy Hellard

SVP Engineering Structure, Airbus
6.0 MB Webcast Webcast
A400M Status Report
Carlos Suarez

Head of the Military Transport
Aircraft Division, EADS
Tom Williams
EVP Programmes, Airbus
1.2 MB Webcast Webcast



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