Former Guidance for 2007

Status as of 26th July 2007

Revenues decrease by a low single-digit percentage factor
Airbus deliveries 440 to 450 aircraft
EBIT* will remain roughly stable
Airbus EBIT* negative
Free Cash Flow positive


EADS reiterates the revenues and EBIT* guidance for 2007.

2007 revenues are expected to decrease by a low single-digit percentage factor on the basis of a € 1 = US$ 1.35.

2007 EBIT* is expected to remain roughly stable at the level of the previous year. This is based on expected 440 to 450 aircraft deliveries at Airbus. The mix of opportunities and risks underlying the guidance is evolving: While the strong underlying operational performance across businesses, particularly at Airbus, is providing cause for satisfaction, the risk level on certain key programmes would make it imprudent to change guidance in the present context.

Non-Airbus EBIT* should be close to € 1 billion, before any impact from the A400M cost assessment.

EADS' Free Cash Flow is now expected to be positive, thanks to the orders registered at Paris Air Show and to the stronger than expected cash performance achieved so far this year.

* EADS uses EBIT pre-goodwill impairment and exceptionals as a key indicator of its economic performance. The term “exceptionals” refers to income or expenses of a non-recurring nature, such as amortization expenses of fair value adjustments relating to the EADS merger, the formation of Airbus S.A.S. and the formation of MBDA, and impairment charges.


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