Marketing, Sales & Commercial Contracts

Based on customer expectations and sound market analyses this is where the basic strategies for business development and results-oriented marketing and sales are developed for our brands, products and services.

This business area is responsible for various tasks from positioning a product to product launch, communication and professional sales including contract management.

The Marketing, Sales and Business Development organisation is responsible for the continuous analysis of market segments and trends in terms of products, customers, competitiveness and competitors. They benchmark our products and technology against worldwide competitors and derive relevant actions to maintain a leading position. Some of the key objectives are to identify; emerging markets, potential new customers and associated new technology, (for integration in to our product range, and this in coordination with Engineering Groups).

Marketing, Sales and Business Development prepare arguments to support bid/no bid decisions and provide input for marketing tools. Being close to the customer, understanding their needs and constraints, they need to define the key success factors for our products to be verified by our offers and propose a corresponding capture plan. Lobbying institutional and/or commercial customers, key account management and building up an M&A strategy can also be part of their tasks.

Our Commercial departments lead the commercial part of proposal preparation in compliance with internal and external regulations. This involves bid/no bid decisions, cost calculations, target margins, pricing, risk and opportunity analysis and business case calculations. They support the preparation of offset and commercial proposals and contract negotiations (terms & conditions) including documentation and implementation of commitments. There is also a close link to the Customer, Supplier Commercial & Contract Management as well as to the Legal, Sales and Finance departments.


Christian Kley

Project Leader - Strategy & Business Development

Division: Airbus

Ort: Toulouse, Frankreich