Cassidian offers advanced security solutions at the Interseg 2013 Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro14 August 2013

  • Cassidian presenting its crisis and emergency response solutions
  • TB3p is the smallest and smartest TETRA base station
  • New 800 MHz variation of the light and slim TETRA radio model, TH1n

Cassidian, the defence division of EADS, will present its high-class portfolio of defence and security products at the Interseg Exhibition which will take place between the 18th and 20th August 2013 in Rio de Janeiro.

EADS has succeeded in building strong and reliable relations with Brazil, where the Group has been present for 34 years. EADS Group’s activities in Brazil are based on the development of cooperation with local partners and transfer of technologies in a way to set up local competences and expertise, as it is already the case in some areas such as the helicopters, with Helibras and space, with Equatorial Sistemas.

Christian Gras, Head of Cassidian in Brazil declared: “Interseg 2013 is a major opportunity to present our wide range of security solutions for the Brazilian current and future needs”.

Several Cassidian solutions will be showcased as crisis and emergency response, as well as control centre solutions. Cassidian provides emergency response management solutions for emergency response centres and for the command and control centres of government agencies and military installations, encompassing call processing, incident management, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and mapping. These centres play a critical role in providing public safety services such as police, fire and rescue, and ambulance effectively and on time.

Cassidian will present at Interseg its TB3p mini TETRA base station which is suited for establishing indoor radio coverage, for stand-alone use and for providing areas with temporary radio network coverage. The TB3p has an extremely small carbon footprint. Its power consumption is only about 40W, which is less than 10 percent of a conventional macro base station. TB3p base stations can help eliminate the last gaps in radio network coverage – a benefit that network users will appreciate. The number one application for the TB3p is using it to build indoor coverage, for example for large public buildings, shopping centers or indoor car parks. It is also an extremely cost-effective way of filling coverage gaps. A third example is to use the TB3p as a stand-alone base station to provide hotspot coverage in places which the network may not reach. The TB3p is also easy to deploy for stand-alone or temporary coverage.

The recently launched 800 MHz version of the slimline TETRA radio, TH1n, the first in a completely new class of pocket-sized TETRA radios will be showcased at Interseg. This new variation will complement the very successful 380-430 MHz model of the TH1n and enlarge Cassidian’s TETRA terminal portfolio in the 800 MHz radio frequency band, used in America and Asia.

Cassidian will present its newest addition to the DXT3 series, the portable DXT3p TETRA switch which offers complete TETRA voice and data services in very compact form. Thanks to the high capacity and full functionality, the DXT3p switch is an attractive choice for setting up temporary networks or for applications where the network itself needs to be mobile.

Visit the Cassidian booth at the Interseg exhibition: A10/B09


Cassidian, the defence division of EADS, is a worldwide leader in defence and security solutions. The company delivers advanced defence systems along the whole action chain from sensors through command & control systems to combat aircraft and unmanned air systems. In the area of security, Cassidian provides customers worldwide with border surveillance systems, cyber security solutions and secure communications. In 2012, Cassidian – with around 23,000 employees – achieved revenues of € 5.7 billion.

CASSIDIAN – Defending World Security


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