The world’s most popular single-aisle aircraft, the A320 Family, has carried the world!

Blagnac09 July 2012

Since the A320 first entered service in 1988, it has transported some 7 billion passengers – that’s equivalent to the current world population. In fact the A320 flies everywhere in the world, on all continents, including picturesque destinations such as Bhutan, high up in the Eastern Himalayas or in Antarctica where the aircraft lands on a blue ice runway during summer.

This incredible, reliable (99.7 operational reliability) aircraft family has never ceased to evolve, staying at the cutting edge of technology and therefore cost effectiveness. Airbus spends 300 million euros a year on A320 Family developments.

A320 Family customers are getting new fuel saving Sharklets that cut fuel burn by 3.5 percent from the end of this year and the now famous “neo” will cut fuel by 15% thanks to new engines in addition to the Sharklets.

We’ve sold over 8,500 A320 Family aircraft and delivered more than 5,100 to 365 customers and operators. It’s so strongly in demand that we are producing them at 40 aircraft a month and this will go up to 42 towards the end of the year – that’s the highest ever production rate for a commercial aircraft ever. And we deliver them to a very high standard; our latest customer satisfaction rating is at 95%.

A320 Family planes have totalled 120 million flight hours and today one of them takes off or lands every 2.5 seconds somewhere in the world.



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