Policies and Guidelines

The following internal policies and guidelines support the implementation of our Standards of Business Conduct and are available to all employees via the Airbus Group intranet.


The policies listed below are the key Group-wide applicable compliance-related policies. They are updated regularly to take into consideration the most recent legislative changes and any other relevant circumstances.


Airbus Group Business Ethics Policy and Rules

Airbus Group considers it its duty to combat all forms of corruption, public or private. These Policy and Rules govern all contractual arrangements entered into by the Airbus Group companies, in relation to any business or project partners or any associated third parties.

Airbus Group M&A Anti-bribery Compliance Guidelines

The guidelines follow the logic of a typical mergers and acquisitions transaction whereby the Airbus Group would acquire control of a target company and move into the post-deal integration stage. Anti-bribery compliance risks and key steps necessary to address them are presented through the successive stages as a transaction moves forward.

Group Export Compliance Directive

Each of the nations in which the Airbus Groupp does business has controls on the export and transfer of its goods and its technologies that are considered to be important to its national security and its foreign policies. As a global enterprise, it is Airbus Group's responsibility, as well as in its business interest, to respect and to comply with each of those controls. This Export Compliance Directive defines the policies, processes and organisations of the Airbus Group to ensure compliance with the relevant export control laws and regulations.

Sensitive Country Process

The Sensitive Country Process is an end-to-end business process control applying to all business activities from the first step of an operation. It allows the Airbus Group top management to perform a prior assessment on any potential risk for the Group in doing business with certain sensitive countries. The process applies to all companies under the control of any entity of Airbus Group irrespective of whether it is for military, dual-use or civil hardware, software, technology and services.

Supplier Code of Conduct, Growing Together

Determined to ensure the highest standards of responsibility throughout its supply base, Airbus Group requires that suppliers commit to its Supplier Code of Conduct and cascade these principles to their employees and through their own supply chain.

Binding Corporate Rules

The Airbus Group Binding Corporate Rules provide a consistent level of protection for Airbus Group employees’ personal data within the Group.

Insider Trading Rules

Airbus Group encourages its employees to hold Airbus Group securities. The guiding principle is that employees should freely transact in Airbus Group securities provided that they act in accordance with all applicable insider trading laws and regulations and the provisions of these Airbus Group Insider Trading Rules.

Gifts and Hospitality Principles

It is appropriate, in instances such as product demonstrations or promotional events, to give and receive reasonable and proportionate gifts and/or hospitality. However, these gifts or hospitality must always meet three conditions – compliance with law, business purpose and social acceptability. Airbus Group has adapted principles on gifts and hospitality in order to ensure that the giving or receiving of gifts and hospitality is managed ethically and consistently throughout the Airbus Group.

Sponsoring and Donations Guidelines

At Airbus Group, all sponsoring and donation projects must strictly comply with the Airbus Group Standards of Business Conduct, as well as with all applicable national laws and regulations. The guidelines help to reach a coherent and transparent approach for sponsoring and donation activities throughout the Airbus Group.

Conflicts of Interest Guideline

Airbus Group's Conflicts of Interest Guideline stipulates that any employees acting on the company’s behalf must be free from conflict of interest or personal interests that could adversely influence their judgment, objectivity or loyalty to the company in conducting Airbus Group business activities and assignments.

Policy and Process for Compliance Allegation Investigation

The policy and process address the key principles and the mandatory steps that will be followed during an investigation to collect, allocate, evaluate, investigate and remediate compliance allegations. All corporate compliance allegations will be transferred to the Airbus Group Corporate Compliance Office and the Airbus Group Core Team for investigation. The Airbus Group Core Team will then allocate the investigation to the relevant organisation.

OpenLine Policy

The OpenLine is a supplementary and exceptional process through which an employee may raise concerns if for any reason that employee is uncomfortable with using the normal business channels or with the answers that he/she has received from them. The objective of this OpenLine policy is to explain how the Airbus Group OpenLine works, to define the scope of the system and the safeguards that have been put in place to protect users of the system, and the personal data contained within it.